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I�m sick of the kind of guys I see at the clubs. Looking for a shy, stay-at-home type with an animal burning inside of them. Message me now so we can have some fun-fun-fun! Be thin/athletic and under 35 � thx!

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We�re a fun and sexy couple looking for another guy to hop in to bed with us and show my wife a good time. Not looking for a long term thing, just a one time deal to show my girl I love her.

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Chill guy here! Working nights, so I don�t get out to the club too much. Looking for a thin/athletic girl in the same situation that wants to have a little afternoon fun during the week.

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Work caused my wife and I to move back stateside after living in Shanghai for the last six years � which took some getting used to. We�ve had an open relationship from the start, but moving to a new city after living on the other side of the planet meant that we needed to find some new friends to party with. We never thought of using a free Sex Website before, but after reading the reviews we gave it a shot. We met great, fun and sexy men and women right away � now we don�t go a weekend without having some kinky fun with our new friends!

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Young, fit, inexperience guy looking for someone with a little more experience to show me around the block a bit. Just looking for friends right now, nothing too serious � but let�s see how it goes!


Fun couple looking for another girl to join us on the weekends. Start off with a couple drinks, a few games, and then we end the night with our clothes on the floor! Send a message and we�ll hit you back!


Just a quiet girl looking to get a little loud with the right man. Not looking for anything to cray � just a normal guy who doesn�t mind a girl with a couple extra pounds and a good smile!


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