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32 year old woman who likes to stay active and take care of herself looking for a couple interested in having a little fun during the week (sorry, I work weekends). Get in touch, and if I like your pics I'll get back to you!

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Happy, giggly girl here who just wants to have some fun with a couple this weekend. Nothing long-term, just want to try it out and see how I feel. Drop me a line!

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Bisexual woman who likes to take care of her body looking for a young couple for some no strings attached fun during the week. Be fit, under 30, and ready for a great time and I'm there!

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My girlfriend has been talking about hooking up with another girl for a while, but we didn't want to ask any of our friends so we tried this site. It's been so much fun. The women on this site are up for anything, and we're all having more fun than we thought we would!

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It's hard to imagine that there would be so many girls looking to hook up with couples online, but there are! My wife and I have been having a great time meeting all these young, hot women. I'm so glad she suggested we do it!

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Young and fun-loving student here looking for an older, attractive, fit couple to teach me a few things about how to have a good time in the bedroom. If you think I'd be good for you then don't waste any time, I'm ready to go!


Any couples out there looking to play with a cute and fit Asian woman? I'm just looking for something fun and non-commital. If we end up having a good time I'm not opposed to something on-going!


Attractive, fit, 29 year old woman here looking to hook up with a fit, young, energetic couple for some weekend play in the bedroom. Send me a message, if I like what I see I'll get back to you!