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Unmarried, mature couple looking to see if there are any woman out there who would like to join us in the bedroom. We've got a few extra pounds on us, but that doesn't hold us back. Any ages and sizes welcome - we're just looking to have fun.

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My boyfriend and I would like to try a threesome with another girl. If you're interested in a fit guy in his late 20s and a nice full-figured girl in her mid 20s then give us a reply. We're into all body types, but please be under 30! Kisses!

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Young, fit/thin couple in our late 20's looking for a girl who might be into a 3way! We're pretty accepting, but please be of thin to average size, between 25 and 35, and patient! If you like what you see, let us know!

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Just because I like both guys and girls, doesn't mean that I want everyone to know about it. Which is why this site is so great! I've never had such a discrete and respectful place to meet hot couples!

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I joined this site expecting to maybe find a couple or two for some fun in the bedroom, but I never expected to meet the kinds of great people I did! Not only did I find some great sexual partners, I also found some awesome friends! Never thought I'd find that on a sex website!

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Sure, I expected I was going to find at least one great couple to hookup with for free casual sex on this site, but I never thought I'd get the responses I did! My mailbox is full every week! I'm having more fun that I thought was possible!

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You're only young once, so when I decided I'd like to experiment with a couple I jumped online and joined this site. I'm so glad I did. The experience I've had here finding local hookups with sexy couples is something I never thought would happen! Can't recommend it enough!

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We're a young couple (both of us are 24) who like to take care of themselves and are interested in bringing a girl into our bed for a one-time thing. Please be between 20 to 27, clean, and thin/fit. Thanks girls!


Any girls out there want to have some fun in the bedroom with a thin/average couple in their early 30's? We've never done this thing before, but if you're up for some free casual sex than we're here for you! Any age/size is fine with us!


Hey Girls! If you're interested in having some free casual sex with a fun-loving couple with no reservations than you've found your match! We're in our mid-20s, average-sized, and into everything. If you're the same, get in touch!