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Hi Guys! If anyone out there is looking to share a bed with a fun couple who love life and all things exciting send us a message! We're average size, in our late 20s to early 30s and looking for the same - talk soon!

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Atractive and active couple who like to take things to the limit are looking for a guy to help them get there. Please be active/fit, at least 5'10", clean, under 32, and ready for some fun!

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Hi! We're a couple that are deeply in love, but are also trying to make things a little more exciting in the bedroom and are hoping a nice, respectful, fit guy can help us out with that! Be under 35, or we're not going to respond.

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Being a bisexual guy, it's incredibly hard to indulge both of my desires at the same time - especially at a club or bar. Which is why this place is so great! I have no trouble finding hot couples to hookup with any night of the week!

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When I first joined this place to find a couple who might be into sharing each other with me I was a little cautious - which is to be expected. But the guys and girls here surprised the hell out of me! So hot and so much fun!

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I have a reputation for being kind of a wild guy around the town, but I'm tame compared to the couples I meet on WhosLookingForSex! I'm learning things I didn't even know existed before I joined this place. It's great!

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I know some people consider it a little weird to want to hookup with a couple, and I was a little hesitant knowing I joined a sex website to find one - but I'm so happy I did. The couples here are completely accepting and are up for anything!

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We're a young couple who don't like to be restrained by the typical conventions of what a relationship is supposed to be. If you're a guy whose under 25, clean, fit, and likes to push the envelope then get in touch with us to have some fun!


Ahoy Gentlemen - we're a fun couple who loves life and is into anything a little bit different. We're looking to shake things up in the bedroom and are hoping you want to help. If you're under 30, attractive, and interested then drop us a line1


We're a happy couple who are just looking to add a little more excitement in our lives. Looking to find a thin/fit/athletic guy under 30 years old who might be interested in having some bedroom fun!