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We're a young couple (I'm 26, she's 26) who are really into the LA music scene and having a wild time in bed. If there are any similar couples out there who want to go see a show and have some fun in bed, get in touch!

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Exciting couple in our mid 30s looking to take our relationship to the next level and party with another guy and girl. We're both clean and fit, and we're looking for the same. If you wanna have fun, drop us a line!

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Happy couple with a lust for life looking for another couple for a swinging good time. We're both in our mid 30s with average body types looking for the same. Can't wait to meet up!

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The couples we've met on this site are some of the greatest people in the world. Not only are they sexy, hot, and up for a good time, they're also incredibly friendly and respectful. We've had some great local hookups and made some great friends!

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Being in our early 20s, we always figured the only couples who signed up to sex websites looking party were older. But take it from us, that's not true - there are tonnes of hot young couples looking to have a good time. Just join and find out for yourselves!

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We always thought there weren't a lot of couples out there into the sharing a bed with each other - but that was just because we hadn't joined this site yet! We've had no trouble getting hot couples for local hookups every weekend! Life is good!

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We were always kind of risky in our early 20s, but after we had our kids things slowed down a lot. When we were looking to shake things up with another couple, we joined this site - and we've been living life in the fast lane ever since! It's been great fun. The only trouble we've had is finding a babysitter!

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Happy, energentic couple in our early 30s looking for an open-minded and clean couple to have some fun with in bed! We're new to this, so we're hoping we can find a more experienced couple to welcome us to the lifestyle -if this is you, send us a message!


Kinky couple looking for the same to have some great sex and good times! We like to experiment with bondage and punishment, but we're looking for a similar couple to find our limits with. If you're repectful and adventurous I'm sure we'll get along.


Newlywed couple looking for another couple to share a couple of drinks and then share each other; we're both fit and in our late 20s looking for the same thing, just be fun and respectful and we're sure we'll get along.