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Hey Guys! Normal guy who never really bought into the club scene just looking for nice, handsome guys for a hot local hookup! Be under 30, clean, and someone who takes care of themselves.

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Young, inexperienced guy looking for someone to show them the ropes and have a little fun doing it. If you�re not thin/fit, clean, and under 30 years old, don�t bother cause I�m not going to respond.

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Clean-cut Asian boy who likes to get into trouble - looking for a tall, athletic man to keep him in line! Skin color doesn�t matter, just be tight and under 35 and we�re good for a fun time!

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Local Hookup sites get a real bad rep online, but that�s because most of them don�t really work. This one does. I�m meeting dozens of hot guys who are just looking to relax and have some fun. Most of the ones I�ve met I�m still friends with. Nothing to worry about here � this site is great!

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When I joined this site, I didn�t know what I was going to expect. But after only a couple of weeks here, I can�t believe I never did it before! The guys here are the hottest! And everybody is up for a good time � no drama just great free casual sex! What�s not to love!

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I used to be in a straight relationship for years, but something was always missing and sex was never as fun as it should have been. When we finally divorced, I didn�t feel comfortable meeting men at clubs, so I joined this site. It�s been a great way for me to be comfortable with who I am (and have some great local hookups at the same time!).

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I�d been deep into the club/bar scene since I was a teenager and last year it just felt like it was more work than it was fun. That�s when I started looking for free casual sex on this site, and it�s been amazing! I don�t have to do any of the work, I just wait for the guys to come to me!

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Good-hearted, guy here who just wants to have a little fun and reward himself. I�m in my late 20�s, keep myself clean and like to stay active, who�s looking for someone similar for a local hookup. Nothing too serious, just fun.


Good-looking, sharped dressed guy here looking for a guy who can appreciate the finer things life has to offer and the feeling of 1000 thread-count sheets wrapped around their body in the morning. I take care of myself and expect the same from my men.


Not too much to say, just a great, fun guy looking for the same for a little after-work fun during the week. Not looking for anything long-term, just a day-by-day fun time. Anything goes, just be clean and up for a great time. Happy hunting!