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I suppose you could say I�m a clean-cut, professional guy that has spent his life in the business world and I�m looking to expand my horizons a bit � if you�re a fun girl, under 30 years old with a great smile, I�d love to hear from you!

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Just got out of a long-term relationship (4 years � ugghh) and I�m looking to have fun with a girl in the area looking for a local hookup. I love girls of all sizes, just looking for someone under 35. Talk soon!

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Nice guy, right here! I�m a fun-loving guy who loves to be outdoors looking for a thin/fit/athletic girl between 20-30 who can keep up with me! Drop me a line, can�t wait to meet you!

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After my divorce I knew I wasn�t ready to get into a relationship again. It�s not that I didn�t ever want to get remarried, but I�d been with my husband for over 20 years - and even thought we had some good times, I knew I could find some more �excitement� somewhere else. So when I asked my single friends if there�s anywhere I could go for some free casual sex, they suggested I try this place. It�s been fantastic! After meeting some of the men on this site, I realize that age is just a number � and you�re only as old as the guy you�re in bed with!

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I really don�t want to be in a relationship right now. I see all of my friends in relationships and some of them are already sacrificing their dreams just to keep their boyfriends happy. I�m a career-minded woman � I don�t want to give up on myself already! But that doesn�t mean I don�t want to hookup with a guy every now and then, I just don�t want to take it to seriously. Which is why this place is great! All of the other casual sex websites have guys that are actually looking for something more, but this place is full of guys just looking for no-strings-attached local hookups � I love it!

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I guess you could say I�m the kind of girl who knows what she wants. I know what I like, so why should I settle for anything else, right? Some guys might call that selfish, but those guys have obviously never been to this site -if they were on this site then they�d know that they could get whatever they wanted too! I�ve tried a lot of so-called �free� sex websites in the past, but nothing has been like my experience at WhosLookingForSex � just a lot of hot guys who give me what I want and stick around as long as I want them too. This isn�t being selfish, this is the future of dating!

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Fit, clean, DD free guy in his late 20s looking for a nice girl with a great smile between 20 and 30 who is thin/fit, clean, and DD free as well. If you�re a girl-next-door types, hit me up!


Looking for someone who likes to take things easy and casual � no hangers on please! I�m fit, clean, and in my early 30s, looking for someone the same (or younger) who just wants a good time.


I guess you could say I�m the kind of guy that finds beauty in everything � just looking for a nice girl to have some fun with. Any size, race, or age, just be someone who likes smiling and having fun!